About MKEA - Milwaukee Esports Alliance
The Milwaukee Esports Alliance: Growing the culture and connectivity of our regional Esport groups, gamers, businesses, community partners, while advancing metro Milwaukee’s standing as a national leader in the space, which is poised for future infrastructure and development.
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About MKEA

The Milwaukee Esports Alliance


The Milwaukee Esports Alliance is dedicated to serving as one of the cornerstones of Wisconsin’s burgeoning esports landscape, acting as a vital support system and catalyst for growth through our industry leading community events, nationally recognized tournaments and critical community resources.


Our mission is to champion equitable access to emerging esports opportunities, establish Wisconsin as a national leader in esports development and contribute to the viability of the industry as a jobs creator through continuing profitability and growth.

Connecting the Community

At the core of our mission, is the be a catalyst for connection and collaboration within the Wisconsin esports ecosystem. We do that in a variety of ways, most notable listed below:

  • Discord: https://discord.gg/HpZS2CSckZ.
  • “GameTime” Monthly Newsletter
  • Community Zooms (Quarterly)
  • LinkedIn Live Events
Esports Tournaments and Events

Events and in-person activations are critical to an esports ecosystem and we are proud to be the catalyst for a variety of the states premier events. These include:


Wisconsin Esports Summit: Wisconsin’s largest dedicated esports conference, focused on networking for directors, coaches, players, business c-suite & all those interested in gaming as an industry!





Cream City Convergence: Wisconsin’s largest esports tournament, featuring statewide collaboration from MKE to Madison and beyond. Over 550 attendees in 1st year!

Esports Leagues

Providing quality in-state options for esports competition is a critical component of the Milwaukee Esports mission. As such, we are grateful to be involved with or own and operate locally run leagues:


Wisconsin Collegiate Rocket League: The Wisconsin Collegiate Rocket League (WCRL) is the states premier, locally run and operated esports conference – bringing together student-athletes from all backgrounds to enjoy spirited gaming competition.


Reaching its 3rd year of existence with the kick-off of Fall Season 2023, WCRL has continued to see record growth and participation. During Fall semester, participation included:

    • 15 Universities or Colleges
    • 44 Teams Represented
    • 132 Student Athletes Participating


Learn more about the league and the experience team behind it, here.


Wisconsin Valorant League: The Wisconsin Valorant League (WCRL) is a new, locally run and operated esports conference – bringing together student-athletes from all backgrounds to enjoy spirited gaming competition.


In it’s second season beginning Spring 2024, year of existence with the kick-off WVAL continues to see record growth and participation.

Esports Venues

We’re excited to continue to expand our physical footprint in the Wisconsin esports ecosystem!


Details below on some of the venues we currently co-operate within:


Magik 4 Gaming’s The Hub

Located within Milwaukee’s desirable upper east side and walking distance of food halls, bars and restaurants plus accessible by several forms of mass transit – the Magik4Gaming Hub (an affiliate of the Milwaukee Esports Alliance) is one of Wisconsin’s most accessible, in-demand LAN facilities.

Competitions are run weekly, bi-weekly and monthly and feature titles like Super Smash Bro’s Ultimate, Street Fighter Six, Tekken 8 and Guilty Gear Strive.

Esports Consulting

MKEA can serve as a trusted partner in a number of capacities. Below are details around the prominent areas we currently work provide consultative services within:


  • Collegiate Esports Consulting: Leveraging the talents of our incredible collegiate team, we are fortunate to be able to offer counsel to this growing segment of the esports market. Led by Lewis Smith, we have a complete suite of services available to help programs just getting started, or looking to grow into that next phase. Learn more about our programs and services, here.


  • Corporate Consulting: Esports is a topic being discussed around many businesses, both big and small. Whether for interest in getting involved as a sponsor,  around the advantages gaming can have on retention or attraction, or for one-off projects like special events – we have the experience and network to help bring esports into your organization in a meaningful way.
Content Creator Management

For Wisconsin gaming content creators, the Milwaukee Esports Alliance can serve as a vital bridge to help accelerate connections to sponsors, as well as business sustainability.

Learn more about the programs, here.

Our Team


Below are key members of the Milwaukee Esports Alliance team. These individuals make up the leadership across the variety of initiatives lead by MKEA and represent over 40 years combined experience in the industry. 

Brandon Tschacher

Founder of the Milwaukee Esports Alliance, Brandon presides over the multitude of MKEA affiliate partners, events and initiatives. He also focuses on strategic vision and direction for the organization, along with national outreach and relationship development.


Contact: brandon@mkeesports.com

Brandon Tschacher - Mke Esports Alliance

Lewis Smith

Lewis Smith has worked professionally in the esports industry since 2015. He currently leads the Collegiate Consulting division of the Milwaukee Esports Alliance and supports our collegiate esports efforts in general, which include monthly cohort calls, special events and more.


Contact: lewis@mkeesports.com

Josh Barnickel

Josh is the leader of Magik4 Gaming, an affiliate of the Milwaukee Esports Alliance, who’s focus is on creating meaningful experiences and activations for the Fighting Game Community (FGC) in Wisconsin.  This is done through weekly and monthly tournaments held onsite at the Magik4 Gaming Lounge and large scale events, like Cream City Convergence.


Contact: jb@magik4gaming.com

Austen Eppen

Austen is the leader of Wisconsin Collegiate Rocket League, an affiliate of the Milwaukee Esports Alliance, who’s focus is on creating an exceptional experience for collegiate student athletes in the state of Wisconsin, competing in Rocket League.


Contact: austen.eppen@wlc.edu

Taylor Wiegert

Taylor is the personality behind Taylor Rose Gaming and a leader within the Milwaukee Esports Alliances content creator division. She has a wealth of experience in streaming, content creation, game audiences and more. She also helps as a liaison to other gaming content creators in the state of Wisconsin.


Contact: taylorrweigert@gmail.com